My  and M.A.M.E. Cabinet

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I have this game cabinet in my basement.  It's called the Pro Play Home Arcade.

It was manufactured by:
931 Matts Court
Los Altos, CA 94022

It runs the original 8 bit Nintendo console by replacing the small hand held controllers with real arcade joysticks and buttons.

My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were in Toy's-R-us just after Thanksgiving 1989.  We were looking for things to get for my niece and nephews for Christmas.  I decided to buy myself one of the original Nintendo console units.  While we were going up and down the isles, she found the display unit of the Pro Play Home Arcade.  It was only $59.00 on clearance!  They only had three left and one soon became mine.

This is what the unit looks like (now sitting next to my Robotron/Mame cabinet).

It's really just a 80's vintage TV sitting behind plexiglas and black poster board.

Good layout to the control panel.
Game cartridges are loaded through the opening in front.

The joysticks and buttons are identical to the ones I recently bought from Happ Controls.
You can see that they just did a hack on a set of Nintendo controller cables for interface.

Shot of the back.  Pretty simple

Original side art that came with the Pro Play Home Arcade (never installed).
Owners manual and my not so large Nintendo game collection.

I've received a few requests recently for copies of my manual.  It has been scanned and can be viewed by clicking here.