My  and M.A.M.E. Cabinet

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Cabinet construction started 11/25/2000.

Control panel before I decided on layout.

And after.

Speaker panel and marquee not yet installed.

Controls from Happ and print out of MAME logo that will become the marquee.

Coin door installed (only $10.50 off eBay thanks to Zadok!).  Only one actual coin mechanism came with the door and I really didn't want to load quarters, so I moved the limit switches to behind the coin return buttons.  When you push the coin return button it adds a credit.

I wired the coins slot lights to the PC's power supply so they light up when the computer is on.

My trusty helper looking 'oh so happy about how much time I spend on this project.

The guts.
My brother-in-law donated his old Pentium 166mhz processor, motherboard, 48mb of RAM, Matrox MGA video card, Ensoniq sound card and power supply all for free!
I have less than $50 in the hard, floppy and CD drives. The hardware and what I paid is laughable in today's world, but think about what it was back then.
I picked up (2) generic mice for $2 each, one has become the spinner and (2) keyboards for $1 each.  One has already been hacked into my interface.  CompUSA Crystal Ball has become the trackball.
The monitor is a 20" Viewsonic.  I bought it off eBay for a whopping $54 because it was listed as having "severe bezel damage."  If you look closely you can see the crack which is now covered by the surround.

I used the cabinet plans from LuSid's arcade website.

It's up and running, but obviously not finished.

As of 12/29/2000.  Done???